Futsal is a high intensity, fast paced, dynamic, low-contact and enjoyable 5-a-side version of football that caters for both male and female participants. It is the only 5-a-side version of football officially recognised by FIFA, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Due to the smaller court size, all players are constantly involved and there is never a dull moment, as defence transforms to attack in a split second.  The small court size also helps players develop close control, quick decision making and speed and agility.
Albert Park Melbourne recognises that its players are amateurs and play for social and fitness reasons.  Accordingly, although futsal is a low contact sport, some futsal rules have been modified in its domestic competitions to provide further player protection to all players generally and to women in mixed games. With almost 400 teams playing with us all over Melbourne we can cater for teams of any standard. Organise your work mates, old school friends put in a team and get involved.

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Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre runs large mens social indoor soccer competitions at 7 different locations.

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