The rules of netball that apply at any venue operated by Local Sports are those of the AANA unless a rule of Local Sports provides otherwise. In those cases where there is a conflict between an AANA rule and one of Local Sports, the Local Sports rule will override that of the AANA. It is the responsibility of each player to be familiar with these rules.

1. Duration of a game

 1. A match shall consist of four 9 minute quarters. Teams will change ends at each quarter. There will be a one minute break at half time.

 2. Unless Local Sports determines otherwise a competition will be scheduled over a 15 week season. Finals will be played over two weeks.

2. Registration

 1. Upon entering a competition teams shall pay a last game bond and a registration fee as determined by Local Sports.

 2. Players will be automatically registered up to and including round three. If, after round three, a team has not paid its registration fee in full, its members will be treated as unregistered until the fee is paid.

 3. Each team must mark its participating players on the team registration card before each game.

3. Times of games

 1. The times at which games are played will be determined by Local Sports and, if varied, teams will be notified.

 2. Teams are expected to be on court at the time fixtured. Teams will lose one goal per minute for lateness. The clock will be started at the fixtured time to ensure all teams have their full game. Nails, bibs and positions are to be finalised before the game starts. Teams may take the court with 5 players in order to start the game.

 3. An automatic forfeit will apply if a team is not on court within 9 minutes of the fixtured start time i.e. within the first quarter. A team that forfeits will lose 5 premiership points, and the team that wins on forfeit will receive 4 premiership points. If the non-forfeiting team plays a scratch match it will receive 1 point for every 10 goals scored.

4. Fees Payment

 1. A team must be paid up at least 10 minutes before its game is scheduled to commence. No bibs will be given out until a team’s full match fees are paid unless prior arrangement with management. Match fees are non-refundable. Match fees are the game fees plus the team members’ payments to the umpires.

 2. Two premiership points will be deducted from a team’s total points if its game fees are not paid in full on the night of its game. Points will be continually deducted until full payment is received.

 3. A registration fee is to be paid by the first game of each season, otherwise Local Sports may deduct 2 points from a team’s total for each week the fee is outstanding.

 4. Any team that has not paid its registration fee or has outstanding game fees at the end of the season will not be eligible to participate in the finals.

 5. Before a team enters a competition it must pay a last game bond fee equivalent to the team’s match fees. The last game bond will be used to pay match fees if a team forfeits during a season; otherwise, if a team has no forfeits, the bond will be used to pay the team’s fees in the last round of a season before the season’s finals.

 6. Teams which have not paid their last game bond by the third round of competition will have 2 points deducted each round after the third round while the last game bond remains unpaid.

 7. Last game bonds and registration fees will be forfeit to Local Sports if a team withdraws from a competition prior to the end of the season.

 8. A team’s registration fees and last game bond are forfeit if Local Sports has to suspend a team from a competition for any reason.

5. Forfeit

 1. A team will be regarded as forfeiting a match if, of its own volition, it does not play a match which Local Sports has scheduled. Forfeiting teams forfeit their last game bond. In addition, a team which forfeits on the day of scheduled play will have to pay a penalty equal to its match fees if a “scratch match” cannot be organised for its opponents.

 2. A forfeiting team will have 5 premiership points deducted and will be required to reinstate its last game bond.

 3. Teams that have a game forfeited against them have to play a scratch match at their allocated time against a suitable opposition organised by Local Sports to obtain the 4 point penalty plus bonus points for goals scored. Teams that do not play in a scratch match substituting for the game which has been forfeited will receive no points for that game.

 4. Any fees arising as a result of a forfeit must be paid prior to the start of the next fixtured game otherwise 2 points will be deducted each week until all arrears are paid.

6. Finals

 1. All final dates will be posted on the website. Times for these games will not change.

 2. A player, who may have played in more than one team in the same division, can only qualify for one team in the finals.

 3. In a 15 game draw, a player must play 5 games to qualify for final, in a 10 game draw, a player must play 4 games to qualify and, in a 6 game draw, a player must play 3 games to qualify. A maximum of two byes or wins on forfeit count as games played.

 4. If two or more teams are on the same points at the end of the season, the position on the ladder will be determined by each teams number of wins at the end of the season, including wins on forfeit.  If teams have the same number of wins, the ladder position will be determined by the goal difference (amount of total goals scored minus goals scored against).

 5. In finals, if there is a draw at full time, teams will play an extra 3 minutes each end.  If after extra time the score is still level, the first team to have a 2 goal lead will win.

 6. Teams are allotted 8 trophies per team (Premiers and Runners Up) for the Grand Final.  Local Sports will provide, at cost, extra trophies if notified by the team.

7. Mixed Teams

 1. In mixed teams, males have to play one position in the following sections: either GS or GA  (Goaling third), as either WA, C or WD (Centre third), and as either GD or GK (Defensive third).

 2. Mixed teams must not have more than 3 males on the court and not less than 2.

8. Injuries

 1. Except in finals, there will be no extra time for injuries. An injured player must be helped from the court as soon as possible. Once the injured player leaves the court and his or her position is not filled with a substituted player, the injured person can re-take the court at quarter or half time or during another stoppage for injury. In finals, injury time is three minutes only.

 2. If a player is bleeding he or she must vacate the court immediately. Providing the player’s position has not been filled the player may return to position after a goal has been scored, at quarter time or at half time.

9. Uniforms

 1. All team members must wear the same tops, shorts, skirts, skins, or leggings. Singlets and tank tops will not be permitted, although sleeveless polo shirts will be accepted. Shorts must be sports shorts with no outside pockets. All shorts must be above the knee. Track suit pants are not allowed except by prior arrangement with Local Sports management. Any player who attempts to take the court wearing loose fitting or flared pants will be asked to leave the court.

 2. For each incorrect uniform item, teams will lose 2 goals to their opposition up to a maximum of 6 goals per game.

 3. Uniform penalties will apply to ‘fill ins’ who are not in the team’s colours. This applies to all players regardless of whether they are provided by the Centre or by their own team. Teams will be given 3 weeks to organise their uniforms before the penalties apply.

 4. All players must wear non-marking sports shoes.

10. Nails

 1. Nails must be either cut short or taped. Bandages or Micropore will not be acceptable. Nails must be taped even if a player wears gloves. It is the responsibility of teams to supply their own tape.

11. Adornment

 1. No jewellery including wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, or body piercing is to be worn during play.

 2. No plastic or metal hair adornments are to be worn during play. Cloth material adornments are permitted.

12. Local Sports Court Rulings

 1. For an indoor venue, if the ball hits the roof it becomes a play advantage, the player who retrieves the ball has possession. The person who originally threw the ball may not retrieve it, otherwise it will be deemed a replay ball.

 2. A game will not be stopped for a player to do up his or her shoe-laces.

 3. The team first listed on the fixture has the centre pass. The second team listed has choice of ends.

 4. Each team must provide a scorer. If a scorer is not provided the scoresheet shall be placed behind the goal post and each team must score appropriately as the score board is only a guide line. Play will not commence until scoring has been completed. Final result is determined by the scoresheet not the score on the scoreboard

13. Unacceptable language and behaviour

 1. Swearing, bad language, unacceptable behaviour and racist comments are unacceptable at Local Sports.

 2. A player who uses unacceptable language or behaviour towards an umpire or other players, will not be warned but will be asked immediately to leave the court and will have no further participation for the duration of the game. The offending player’s position cannot be filled unless it is Centre. If this is the case, an on court player may change to Centre, but the remaining players may not change their position.

 3. Spectators who use unacceptable language or behaviour will be asked by the umpires to leave the premises.

 4. Persons who have been asked to leave the Centre and who do not do so immediately will be treated as trespassers.

 5. Disciplinary actions can include, warning, send off, advanced penalties, advanced undefended shot at goal for the following actions: dissent, abuse, back chat and dangerous play.

 6. Any player who backchats or is condescending towards an umpire verbally or by gesture while on or off the court during play will be penalised. The penalty will result in the ball being advanced to the opposition’s goal circle and the oppositions’s GA or GS taking the ball for an undefended goal shot from any position within the goal circle.

14. Points

 1. Teams shall be awarded 4 points for a win, with an additional 1 point for each 10 goals scored. Losing teams shall be awarded 1 point for each 10 goals scored.

 2. Teams in a tie shall receive 2 points each, and an additional 1 point for every 10 goals scored.

 3. Teams having a bye shall receive 2 points.

15. Equipment

 1. If equipment i.e. goal rings, etc., is damaged through vandalism or a player’s irresponsibility, the offending person shall be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

16. Umpires

 1. The umpires can be asked at half or full time about any queries players may have about rules and their interpretations. The umpire’s decision is final.

 2. The umpire’s whistle signals the start and finish of the game.

17. Miscellaneous

 1. No pets are allowed in the venue. No bicycles or roller blades are allowed on the court.

 2. Venues are strictly no smoking. No alcohol is allowed at venues.

 3. Teams are to provide a minimum of three team contacts with home, work and mobile telephone numbers and e-mail address.

 4. When playing at an outdoor venue games will proceed in the rain and shall only be abandoned if the referee judges the court unplayable or conditions to be otherwise unsafe.

 5. Players play at their own risk. Local Sports accepts no liability for any injury that a player might receive in the course of a game.